Super Slalom Round Up

Last Saturday saw the first ever Super Slalom held in La Plagne – 4km course, with 320 gates and 330 participants made for a pretty epic event!

It was an amazing thing to be part of. The atmosphere was electric all day. From the top at the start line to the bottom in La Roche, there were supporters lining the sides to cheer on all the skiers as they shot past.


There were skiers from all disciplines, all brought together through a love of skiing. Whist there were the serious competitors from this season’s World Cup circuit, there were also a lot of amateurs really showing what they were made of – some even in fancy dress! As if a 4km slalom wasn’t hard enough already!

Scooby Doo about to take off through the starting gates
Scooby Doo about to take off through the starting gates

As the competitions came to an end, the organisers agreed that all the riders crossed the line with a big smile – but also with steaming thighs after such an extraordinary course!

Whilst we were at the finish line, Juline Lizeroux finished his run and when asked how the course was, he said “C’est dur, c’est vraimont dur!” However, the Plagnyard hero and event creator still managed to claim a 5th place position.

“C’est dur, c’est vraimont dur!”

Julien Lizeroux

It was also fantastic to see all the La Plagne personalities taking place. They might not be slalom skiers, but they were all there to support their home town and just to be part of the event. Bother their presence and the excellent organisation of the day lead to a really successful operation, with a real festival atmosphere full of friends enjoying the spectacle.

Kevin Rolland
Kevin Rolland
Tess Ledeux
Tess Ledeux











Fingers crossed that this event will be the first of many!

Final Results :


  • 1: Victor Muffat Jeandet (FRA) – 4’12’’74
  • 2: Daniel Yule (SUI) – 4’15’’70
  • 3: Théo Delecluse (FRA) – 4’19’’37
  • 4: Alexis Pinturault (FRA) – 4’22’’90
  • 5: Julien Lizeroux (FRA) – 4’25’’39


  • 1: Federica Brignone (ITA) – 4’29’’90
  • 2: Marion Chevrier (FRA) – 4’31’’70
  • 3: Adeline Mugnier (FRA) – 4’33’’44

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