Envers Chair – Open?!?

So today was officially the “opening” of the Envers chair…..hmmmm.

Replacing the old Coqs lift that was removed several years ago, the Envers chair was to help with accessibility from Montalbert and La Roche up towards Plagne Centre and to basically increase links between the villages to alleviate pressure on other already busy lifts.

La Roche Chair during Feb 1/2 term when the Envers should have been open
La Roche Chair during Feb 1/2 term when the Envers should have been open

Fun Facts…

The Envers chair will carry 3000 people per hour on a 6-person high-speed lift. Its using super high technology to connect chairs to the cables to improve installatation and maintenance. It’s also been designed to be as safe and comfortable as possible, whilst also reducing the impact on the environment.

Les Envers 3

To open or not to open?

Envers was supposed to open at the start of the 2016/17 winter season…so 4 months ago. But it wasn’t ready so the date was moved to February 2017 to be open and ready for the ½ term crowds descending on Paradiski. Unfortunately, again, it wasn’t ready. Then, earlier this week, a press release was sent round letting us all know that the chair lift would be officially opened at 11am today. And so it was – cue ceremony with all the local big-wigs in attendance at the chair lift summit. However, once that was all all over and photos taken, yep you’ve guessed it. Everyone packed up and headed home – yep the chair lift is STILL closed!!

So maybe we misunderstood. Today was the inaugurations ceremony – maybe that doesn’t mean opening day. However, if the lift doesn’t open for this weekend ready for the Easter crew heading our way, then really, whats the point?

So all in all La Plagne, we’re not angry, just disappointed…

Les Envers 2

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