Pisteurs Set to Strike in Les Arcs

As we move into some of the busiest weeks of the winter season, the pisteurs in Les Arcs have been called to strike this Sunday 12th February by the CGT (Confédération Générale du Travail) – the French Labour Union. What does this mean for us?

Le Dauphine reported the potential strike in Les Arcs this Sunday, with unions unhappy about wage and bonus levels in relation to the raise in cost of living and inflation.

Vivre Le Gréve!

France is well known for its protests and strikes and now it seems that the mountain pisteurs in Les Arcs are getting in on the act. The act of striking and street protests are a big part of French political life – many people believing that it is often the only way for their voices to be heard by their parliament. In 2016, the Eiffel Tower was closed due to striking workers – is there anything more French than the image of the Eiffel Tour closed due to a strike?!

Eiffel Tower

France – and Paris, are struggling to rebuild tourism after a year of terrorism, protests and strikes. It seems almost ironic that the Parisians who suffer the most from labour strikes affecting public transport and services will be the ones heading to Les Arcs in their masses this weekend as their half term holiday period begins on the 10th.

How will this affect us?

As you can imagine local business are right to be concerned about the impact this might have on them. Not only is it bad publicity for the resort, but it also lands on the weekend of one of the busiest periods of the winter season, with school holidays gearing up in several countries.

At this point, we don’t know how many of the pisteurs will participate in the strike and so it is hard to know how exactly this will affect skiers in the resort. However, our advice is to check in with your chalet staff on Sunday morning before making any plans for the day. Make sure wherever you are heading to is open and you can get home from wherever you go.

Whilst the hope is that this strike won’t affect business too much, we can all agree that it is negative publicity for the resort, coming in an already trying season.

At the time of publishing this, we have not heard back from the Les Arcs Tourist board but as we hear more information we will keep you all updated on how this will affect you all on Sunday.


Les Arcs Tourist Information can be contacted on : +33 4 79 07 12 57, on line here or via social media on FaceBook or Twitter.


Late on Saturday evening we heard from the Les Arcs Pisteurs that an agreement had been reached regarding the issues concerning the union and the strike had been cancelled for tomorrow.

So business as usual for everyone!

Happy skiing!

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