New Snowsports, Yoga, Deep House Music, Full Moon Retreat In La Rosiere

Being in the mountains is a natural high – both literally and spiritually. Skiing your perfect line, while overlooking snowy peaks as far as the eye can see, feeds the soul as well as exercises the body. Which is one reason ski & yoga retreats have been springing up in the Alps – we recently wrote about Unlocked Retreats in Tignes.

The latest one of these mountain experience breaks delves even further into the spiritual side of being high in the hills. When we heard about the new retreat in La Rosiere called The Deep House Chronicles – ‘a full moon ski yoga retreat set to deep house music in the style of a detox, teetotal rave’ – we were pretty intrigued, and excited!

Chalet La Rosiere retreatChalet Rosiere owners Alex and Philip Volkers are big festival followers and supporters of the new pre-work non-alcohol rave scene in the UK. They’re also believers in using music, yoga and snowsports to free your mind, re-charge your body and energise your soul.

We put a few questions to them about their new retreat, which takes place from March 19-26 and still has space available

What’s the link between snowsports, yoga and house music?

Kelly Brooks (our yoga teacher for our March Ski Yoga Retreat) often teaches to deep house music during her classes at Soho House and at other London venues. She has an excellent ear for a killer beat and always aligns her sets to crescendo with the pinnacle of the class – resulting in a truly euphoric workout!
We think this style of yoga works really well on a ski yoga retreats because skiing/snowboarding can be a very silent activity – total concentration, always on the move, keeping ears peeled and using quiet sounds to aid motion. It is one of the best feelings in the world to come home thrilled after a day on the slopes and to lose yourself and celebrate the day to some seriously chunky tunes! When the beat is chosen to coincide with breathing and transitions into and out of postures, everything flows so naturally.

Why are yoga-snowsports retreats becoming so popular?

We think the yoga-snowsports alliance is becoming more and more popular because they are just so incredibly well suited to each other both mentally and physically. Mentally we have heard in turn that yoga has helped our retreat participants both to focus and not to ‘overthink things’ while on the slopes. There is an acceptance that is fostered with yoga practice that is the perfect attitude for learning something new and difficult, like skiing or snowboarding.
Physically the union makes perfect sense. Yoga improves strength, flexibility and balance in a holistic manner across the entire body. Snow sports require strength, flexibility and balance, but often overwork quite specific limited muscle groups. So yoga improves performance on the slopes, but helps to balance out snow sports’ particularities. It is also amazing at aiding muscle recovery – we scheduled in a yoga-free morning on our last retreat to give participants a mid-week lie in – but all we heard were complaints of soreness on the slopes that day! We won’t be doing that again.
Hot tub chalet La Rosiere

How does your retreat connect to the teetotal rave scene?

We’ve been lucky enough to witness the wonder that has been the birth and inter-stellar success of Morning Gloryville. Started by Sam Sibanye Moyo who we admire greatly, Morning Gloryville is a booze free pre-work early morning rave sensation that started in East London and has now literally taken the world by storm. It’s all about showing up wearing whatever makes you feel fantastic and dancing your sock of to hours of killers DJ sets, all before heading to work feeling elated! Other teetotal raves have been popping up, such as Love Is Key, the UK’s first booze free club night.
As hearty participants in the UK festival scene for many years we know that the feeling you take away from a teetotal experience of this kind is really unique. We wanted our March retreat to be all about fitness, fun and personal wellbeing, and we want participants to leave feeling like they are about to explode with all the new, positive energy they’ve acquired! This alcohol free spring detox should achieve just that.

Why have you timed your retreat to coincide with the full moon?

The full moon will fall on the Wednesday of the retreat, on the 23rd March. Just like the founders of the full moon parties of Goa, we believe that each full moon is something to celebrate. Next winter season we will be running a Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat to coincide with each full moon.
Some people are greatly affected by the full moon, feeling either charged up or exhausted depending on the month. Some people don’t notice it at all. But whichever club you belong to the full moon is an incredible time for intention setting, if only for being reminded by this astrological happening that it is an-awe inspiring universe that we live in and that we are all capable of living up to that wonder.
If you’re interested in the March retreat, here’s the full programme.
Email for more info and to book.


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