Ski Injury Free: Using Massage & Our Top Tips

Sitting at an office desk, commuting in the car – modern day living means many of us lead relatively sedentary lives. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, fresh air and a healthy work/life balance is the best preparation for a sports holiday – but for many it’s difficult to achieve. However, there are still ways to minimise risk and avoid injury on that once-a-year, or even first time ever, high-impact adrenaline holiday…

Drink lots of water to help with energy levels and detoxification. The body is made up of 70% water and a lack of it affects your brain and muscle function, increasing the likelihood of accidents and/or injury. Drinking alcohol slows your reactions and de-hydrates you. During exercise, sweating, raised metabolism and energy release increase your need for hydration – and at high altitudes the body requires even more water intake.

Cut down on sugars and processed foods that cause inflammation, strip the body of its stored nutrients and hinder proper digestion and vitamin absorption. Carry snacks to nibble on when you’re feeling fatigued to keep energy levels high and take a break if you’re tired – that’s when the majority of accidents/injuries occur.

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Work on flexibility, mobility and stability. Skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking injuries tend to occur in backs, shoulders, legs and knees. A personal trainer can advise on core stability exercises for backs, balance and legs. Pilates, yoga, swimming and circuit training will help too.

Sedentary lifestyles can also result in muscle tightness, knots and chronic stiffness and pain. A pre-holiday massage or spa/wellness treatment can help to loosen up the muscles and joints. During the sports holiday too, they’re extremely beneficial in elevating muscle tightness, fatigue, aches and pains. A ski massage before your head out will help keep joints mobilised and free muscles of toxic build-up – helping you continue the next day without discomfort and minimising the risk of injury. The same applies to stretching pre-ski and post-ski.

Massage In Tignes

Taylors Therapies offers mobile spa services and wellness treatments in the comfort of your chalet or accommodation in Tignes or Val d’Isere.

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Massage In Paradiski

Alpine Hands offer mobile spa services and wellness treatments in the comfort of your chalet or accommodation in Les Arcs or La Plagne.
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